Senior Technical Expert

We are looking for a Senior Technical Expert. The Senior Technical Expert (STE) will be involved in developing new analytic processes that process files faster, identify common tools, techniques and processes (TTPs) across multiple adversaries, develop mitigation strategy analytics to optimize the mitigation strategies while keeping the risk as low as possible, develop workflow for Botnet work, develop organizational workflow-identifying a “chain of customers” and highlighting the gaps and requirements, identify analytics and that can be incorporated into Cyber Pilot, write technical ideas papers to advance new analytics and facilitate sessions such as NTOC strategic planning sessions to create focus, direction, and more effective collaboration and communication across the organization.

Work experience shall encompass one or more of the following areas:

  • Technical Leadership, applying advanced principles regarding intrusion detection to include SNORT and other intrusion detection signatures.
  • Perform cyber all-sources intelligence analysis to determine malicious behavior, linkages and patterns and entities of interest detecting.
  • Theories and concepts to a wide range of cyber related areas to include malicious code forensic analysis and associated exploitation tools and techniques, computer technology systems relating to in formation and cyber security, computer network security and operations for analyzing transmission schemes for technical analysis against target systems and networks and information assurance.
  • Expertise in CNO operations or synchronization support including planning strategies and related databases and tools, cyber security activities to include information security enhancements, product upgrades, and development of automated analysis tools, and expertise with analyzing complex cyber problems and providing innovative solutions.

Basic Qualifications: 

  • Bachelors Degree in an applicable field (such as math, science, computers, engineering, information assurance) and 12 Years of work experience.
  • Malware and forensic Analysis Tools, Network Analysis Tools, SIGINT Development Suite (Xkeyscore, DNIPresnter, DX), Corporate data stores, prototype development, and end-to-end analysis of intrusions into information systems.

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